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Ties are a great way to express personality whilst remaining within the accepted limits of formality. They’re therefore perfect for weddings. Many grooms choose a pattern with an accent color to match the colors of the wedding but, as with all things bespoke, the choice is entirely yours. Ties are conventionally three inches wide (7.5 cm wide), but in questions of width, the main thing to bear in mind is that the width of your tie should compliment that of your jacket lapel. All our ties are made in England by our own in-house tie-maker, and are 100% silk (unless you specify otherwise). We also do a selection of bow ties, waist coats, pocket squares and designer bags

In the modern world, the bow tie adds a wonderfully eccentric note to any suit. Although it’s possible to buy ready-tied bow ties, for weddings our advice would be to choose a traditional bow tie that you have to tie yourself – it's really much easier than you think.

A pocket square lifts a suit wonderfully. Most commonly made of silk, it can be any colour, either plain or printed, and can be displayed in very many artistic and fashionable ways – pointed, multiple pointed, square, triangular, even crumpled. As with all things, it pays to experiment.